Does everybody likes to see celebrated movies?

Everybody likes seeing various motion pictures. Movies are famous is life of our people. Nevertheless, not everybody pay attention that it is also a big industry.

Autor: Jeff Karpala
This text will concentrate on film production and will tell where the motion picture business is the most famous and earn the most.

What does movie business involve?Movie production is a huge production which includes lots of small as well as large corporations. The most significant ones are: production companies, movie studios, cinematography, screenwriting and more.

What are the major countries involved in movie business?The answer is able to surprise, but there are 3 major countries which movie industry bring the biggest amount of money. The states are: The USA, India and Nigeria. In this text will be described those 3 influential countries and their impact on movie industry.The first country which is actively involved in film industry is USA. It is the eldest movie business and its headquarter – Hollywood is an area which is related with the production. In Los Angeles where is situated Hollywood are taken place a lots of events like Oscar ceremonies and movies presentations. There reside the most popular celebrities and a lot of skilled people come to this town to start their worldwide careers. Nonetheless, USA is not a state which produces the largest number of films. The United States of America takes 3rd place in this ranking.The state which makes the biggest amount of movies is India. Are you shocked? You ought to be. In 2009 there were made 2,961 films. Furthermore, the films are directed in plenty countries like the UK and the USA. The performers which star in those movies frequently speak English fluently. They are a big competition of Hollywood and moreover their business is called Bollywood.The second state which creates the largest number of movies a year is Nigeria. What is more, Nigeria has the biggest movie industry in Africa. Despite their films are not advertised in Europe, it is worth to watch them and watch other’s director’s points of views.

Movie is an entertainment which is accessible in every country, no matter if it is wealthy or poor. From time to time it is worth to see movies from other states, not only from the USA.

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